At the beginning of the new millennium, Photovox committed to insure that its operations and production processes were in full agreement with the highest principles of quality and environmental reliability. In 2003, Photovox was awarded the Italian certifications of Quality (9101.PHO1 and Environment (9191.PHO2) according to norms: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the system of Quality management and according to norms UNI EISO 14001:2004 for Environmental management.
Furthermore, Photovox has committed to produce its products with respect to working place best practices, as per the requisites of "Total Quality", and has received and applied the norm UNI ISO/TR 14062:2007 relative to the implementation of environmental aspects of planning and development of products that are eco-sustainable and efficient, and with the lowest environmental impact .


ISO 9001-2008 IT

ISO 9001-2008 UK

ISO 14001-2004 IT

ISO 14001-2004 UK

Photovox, owns the in-house technology necessary to produce and certify its products and also maintains an research and development office, of electromechanical and electronic engineers, in order to assist clients in all aspects of magnetic technology. Additionally, Photovox has the necessary capability to autonomously develop products custom-designed to suit customer's specific needs.

Our company strategy is geared toward obtaining these objectives:

  • Client satisfaction.

  • Product and service quality.

  • Selection of suppliers and subcontractors based on product quality and environmental sensitivity.

  • Education of its own personnel.

  • Management of all significant environmental aspects (energy consumption and waste) and selection of ecosustainable materials.

  • Continuous improvement of products and reduction of their polluting and environmental impact.

  • Respect of applicable environmental legislation.

Photovox' Quality and Environmental Manager is delegated to insure that the necessary actions are taken to achieve these objectives.

Date of issuance: 15/06/2006 

General Direction

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